Balwyn Loop - 48 Tram Terminus

201 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North VIC 3104, Australia

Balwyn Loop - 48 Tram Terminus

201 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North VIC 3104, Australia
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A loop walk that includes a great variety of sights, sounds and environments! Something new to discover every 100 metres or so!

Balwyn Loop - 48 Tram Terminus

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Commencing at the 48 tram terminus in Nth Balwyn, a downhill stroll through leafy suburban Balwyn meets up with the Koonung Creek Reserve. Heading east walkers can choose either the well maintained gravel track or a bitumen, shared bike/pedestrian path - the paths run in parallel for a large section of the walk. The route runs along the Eastern Freeway, but traffic noise is muted by large bush plantings, and with a bit of imagination - it almost sounds like the ocean! This part of the walk is "dog off lead" and there are huge expanses of both open and bush land areas for dogs and owners to enjoy. The walks exits the Koonung Trail at Doncaster Road - a busy street to walk back to the starting point. However, the walk is broken up with a chance to investigate some local art, or stop for a coffee or just explore the Greythorn shops.


Points of Interest

1. Hilltop start - What a view!

Start the walk with a downhill stroll through leafy, suburban Balwyn. Magnificent view towards Kinglake - Yarra Ranges on a clear day!

2. Leigh Park

A great playground that has just been upgraded. Plenty of seating and a picnic table!

3. Boroondara Shops

A great little shopping strip tucked away on the "other" end of Balwyn Road. Maybe too early in your walk for a drink stop, but there is also a public toilet should you need one!

4. Connecting to the Koonung Trail

The pavement ends at this point on the west side, but the path is in sight! Continue on the grass or cross to the east side and follow the pavement. Watch for cars travelling too fast around the bend!

5. Drink stop!

Drink fountain designed for dogs and people! Located on the bitumen path -the gravel one is just off to the left.

6. Indigenous Flora Reserve

If you choose to walk on the gravel path, watch out for signs providing information about plantings and other items of interest.

7. Bridge to Doncaster

This bridge provides access across the freeway back to Doncaster.

8. Billabong

Perfect place for a mid-walk stop! Watch the ducks (and dogs) or meander around the wetland area. There are many informal paths to explore - seating provided at several locations.

9. Exercise Equipment

AB crunches anyone? There are several points along the bitumen path where you will find exercise equipment. Kids and adults playing! What a great idea!

10. Playground and toilet

Another chance for a toilet stop and a play for the kids!

11. Right fork please!

Take the gravel path heading toward Doncaster Road. The bitumen path continues for several kilometres along the Koonung Creek Trail -great for another day!

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12. Old Orchard

The remains of an old orchard can be seen on the left hand side. A reminder this area was once farmland. Some of the tress are dead or dying, but the formal rows can clearly be seen.

13. Doncaster Road Exit

Join back up with the busy Doncaster Road! Amazing what walking treasures are hidden behind this hard to see car-park. Great place to start explorations of BOTH directions of the Koonung Creek Trail.

14. Bus it back!

Bus connects to Westfield Doncaster or back to the starting point!

15. Sculptures and Greythorn Shops

People of the Community Sculptures outside the fire station. A busy shopping strip that offers everything! Explore the Op Shop, grab a meal or just have a coffee. Public toilet available too!

16. End in sight!

Gentle hill climb back to the Tram stop!


Park(s)/Garden(s) Park(s)/Garden(s)
Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly


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