Lysterfield Park

Lake Track, Lysterfield VIC 3156, Australia

Lysterfield Park

Lake Track, Lysterfield VIC 3156, Australia

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An easy 7km walk around the whole lake! A wide, flat path with tall trees to prove shade and attract birds and animals. Detour off the main trail to explore the beach and conservation areas.

Lysterfield Park

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An easy 7km walk around the whole lake! A wide, flat path with tall trees to prove shade and attract birds and animals. Detour off the main trail to explore the beach and conservation areas.


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This walk starts and finishes at the Lysterfield Visitor Area. Walk south towards the dam wall, either along the beach or via the track through the picnic area.

The track will take you past the Visitor Centre and there is a bridge over the beach to get to the top of the dam wall. If you walk along the beach there are a few steps up to the dam wall.

The track around the lake is a wide gravel trail shared by walkers, runners and bicycles and is mostly flat with two short hills. The Lake Circuit Trail is easily followed and marked with green circle symbols and arrows. There are many trails leading off it if you wish to explore further, and this walk follows two of them.

The first trail off the main Lake Circuit Trail you can take is called Acacia Nature Walk and is to the right. It runs parallel to the main track but is closer to the lake and takes you through an indigenous stand of vegetation, similar to what once populated Melbourne. Surrounded by Eucalypts, She-Oaks and Acacias, this peaceful spot is home to many animal residents of the park. Can you see an Echidna or Swamp wallaby?

At the end of the Acacia Nature Trail there is a large grassy area, a seat and a small jetty, a perfect picnic site if you packed your lunch.

Back on the main Lake Circuit Trail continue walking north until you see a Lake Circuit Trail arrow and sign pointing to the right, which curves around the top of the lake. You can keep going further north at this point if you wish to see more of this 1668 hectare park.

Continue along the east side of the lake, noticing the changing vegetation and keep your eyes and ears open for Parrots and Bell miners. There are 172 species of birds recorded in this park. If you spend some time sitting quietly you might catch a glimpse of a Honeyeater, Wren or even the migratory Japanese snipe.

The Lake Circuit Trail turns right just before Logan Park Track, through a conservation zone and is for walkers only. Both tracks lead back to the visitor area and carpark.

Lysterfield Park’s main visitor area is an expansive grassy and tree-filled area great for picnics, BBQs and games, next to the carpark. There are also two toilet blocks and two drinking water fountains.

In accordance with National Parks Act regulations, dogs are not permitted in Lysterfield Park.

By Bike: The park entrance is accessible by bike.
By Bus: The 695F bus travels along Belgrave-Hallam Rd.
By Car: Lysterfield Park entrance is an easy 40 mins from Melbourne. Take the Monash Fwy, exit at Heatherton Rd, turn left onto Belgrave-Hallam Rd, then left onto Horswood Road (Melways: 108 D2).
By Horse: There are several equestrian trails leading into and around the park.

Further Information

For detailed Parks Victoria information about the park visit the 'Find Out More' link above.

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Points of Interest

1. Lysterfield Visitor Area

A spot for all the family to gather and play! Picnic, BBQ, go sailing and swimming, or head off for a leisurely walk around the whole lake.

2. Visitor Centre

You will find the Visitor Centre here.

3. Beach and swimming area

This end of the lake is a designated swimming beach. The dam wall is in the background.

4. Boat Beach

Sail boats launch from here, a lovely sight on your walk along this beach.

5. Dam Wall access

At the end of the beach are steps to the top of the wall which begins your walk around the lake.

6. Dam Wall

From up here you can get a view over the 82ha lake which supplied fresh water to the Mornington Peninsula from 1936 till 1975.

7. West side of the lake

The tall tree canopy provides shade as you walk.

8. Acacia Nature Trail

Step in here and step back in time to discover the native vegetation which once surrounded Melbourne.

9. Black Wattles

Black Wattles grow in this area and are stripped bare when their bark is eaten by the Fire Blight Beetle in Winter and Spring.

10. Grassy area

Stop here for a rest or a picnic and perhaps spot an Eastern Grey Kangaroos or Black Wallaby if you are here early or at dusk.

11. Conservation Area

Numerous conservation projects are underway in this park.

12. East side of the Lake

Look up and see how many birds you can spot flying amongst the tree tops.

13. Conservation Zone

Only walkers can use this track amongst the lush green vegetation for the final stretch of this peaceful walk.

14. The end or just the beginning?

This walk is a loop around the whole lake - so much to see! It should take 90 minutes to arrive back where you started, depending on stops!


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