Rio Vista and Surrounds

11 Chaffey Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia

Rio Vista and Surrounds

11 Chaffey Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia
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The walk begins at Mildura's most stunning, Rio Vista and takes you past some of Mildura's oldest and most beautiful homes, from Victorian to Edwardian & Spanish Mission to Californian Bungalow.

Rio Vista and Surrounds

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Discover the architectural gems that are hidden in Mildura's leafy streets. This was once the home of the districts founding family, the Chaffeys.

After building his family home and in doing so, publicly and demonstratively testifying to his faith in the future of the district he founded with his brother George, the Chaffey’s fell on harder times. With his company in collapse, W.B Chaffey offered Rio Vista for sale for 1000 pounds but he found no buyers. Instead, W.B Chaffey and his wife continued to call Rio Vista home until his death in 1926, followed by hers, some time later, in 1950.
Upon Mrs. Chaffey’s death, the Mildura City Council negotiated to purchase the home and in 1956 set about turning it into a museum and gallery to house a collection of paintings. Further information about the history of Rio Vista and the Chaffey family can be found inside the building.

There is ample street parking in this area and you can also find parking at the rear of the Arts Centre, so leave your car and begin to discover the architectural gems that are hidden in Mildura’s leafy streets.


Points of Interest

1. Rio Vista

Walk across the lawn to see the majestic Rio Vista, spanish for River View. It was completed in 1892 and was the work of architects E.C Sharland and D.T Edmunds and was commissioned by W.B Chaffey.

2. Rio Vista

A tour of Rio Vista is highly recommended, there is much to see and appreciate. Stained and hand painted glass, a stunning staircase and intricate wood paneling are just some of the highlights.

3. Gardener’s cottage

The gardener’s cottage to the rear of Rio Vista is also a delightful building and well worth a look

4. Chaffey Avenue

This avenue was originally called Palm Avenue because of the number of palms planted in the area. However, residents were keen to have a street named in honour of the Chaffey family.

5. The Bungalow.

Opposite Rio Vista is a striking home, known as the Bungalow. A Queen Anne style home, it is in keeping with its revered neighbor. The original owner of the Bungalow was Lancelot Conway-Gordon.

6. 25 Chaffey Avenue

Continuing along Chaffey Avenue, the walk passes a number of old homes. Number 25, although much altered, dates back to 1892.

7. 27 Chaffey Avenue

27, built in 1891 was the home of riverboat captain William Miers, who took up permanent residence here upon his retirement in 1901.It was designed by Rio Vista architect, D.T Edmunds.

8. 37 Chaffey Avenue

37 was for a short time, the home of Samuel Risbey, the owner of the sawmills. The house was built in1913 and retains much of its original Edwardian charm.

9. 38 Chaffey Avenue

38 was the home of Alice Lapthorne, daughter of Henry Lapthorne, editor of the Cultivator newspaper from 1896 to 1920.

10. 64 Olive Avenue

Olive Avenue has a number of lovely old homes that have been restored, with respect shown to their original design. Number 64 is a wonderful example of an ironclad cottage, built in 1910.

11. 78 Olive Avenue

78, a brick building dates back to 1891 and was the home of James Cruikshank, it has a number of notable features.

12. The Langtree Hall Museum

A short walk up Walnut Ave is the The Langtree Hall Museum (number 79). Mildura’s first public hall built in 1889, the large collection of memorabilia was relocated to this site In 1991.

13. 41-43 Chaffey Ave

On the corner of Eighth Street and Chaffey sits the one time home of W.J Bowring, owner of the Bowring Store, once prominent in Mildura. The building was completed in 1911 and an interesting home.



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