Gateway Island & Belvoir Park Pathway

42 Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Island VIC 3691, Australia

Gateway Island & Belvoir Park Pathway

42 Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Island VIC 3691, Australia

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2 h 37 m
10.5 km

A relaxing off road walk with great scenery

Gateway Island & Belvoir Park Pathway

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A relaxing off road walk with great scenery


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The Gateway Island and Belvoir Park circuit offers a picturesque, relaxing and enjoyable experience, allowing you to meander along the banks of the Murray River. You can stop to watch the amazing bird life, visit Gateway Village's art galleries, eatery, or relax beside Belvoir Park's wetland, dog park or playground.

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Points of Interest

1. Gateway Village

Gateway Village is home to La Maison, HotHouse Theatre, Musikids and the Farmers Market and is well worth a visit.

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2. Eddie Kookaburra Kneebone

A collection of informative artworks are placed along the path from this point. They are simple yet beautiful and edge the path beautifully

3. Aboriginal art

Keep an eye out for pieces such as this one along the walk. The are not only beautiful, but share interesting facts regarding aboriginal tools and history.

4. Train crossing

If you time it right, you can stand under the bridge as a train goes over - it's very cool. This part of the path is also a great picnic spot, its beautiful and tranquil.

5. Rest area

This is another stunning point to rest along this walk. You can stop and think and watch the water flow past. A great way to clear your head!

6. Make some new friends!

This truly makes me feel like i'm in the country rather than central Wodonga. These beautiful creatures are so used to people going past that they won't batt an eyelid if you stop to check them out.

7. Cable bridge

This new bridge is very cool to look at, walk on and look out from. It's definitely worth taking your time as you make your way across this one.

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8. The view!

The view from the cable bridge - stunning!

9. Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is an accessible swing for children and adults who use a wheelchair, and gives them the ability to experience the joy and recreation of using a swing.

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10. Dog Park

A secure space to bring your dog to play or train. It has two agility runs and biodegradable dog waste bags are provided at each entrance to the park. You will need to bring water for your dog.

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11. Rest with a view

One of many rest areas around the park. Its a brilliant spot to sit and relax and simply take in the view. You will often find many birds including ducks on this walk

12. Kids playground

A safe and fun play space for kids. Surrounded by beautiful trees that provide shade. Plenty of seating areas for mum and dad. Brilliant place for a picnic and some quality family time

13. Wildlife

There are many beautiful birds that you are likely to come across on this walk. Of course they include ducks!


Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Seating available Seating available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Historical interest Historical interest
Local treasures Local treasures
Art and culture Art and culture
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden