Tatterson Park wetlands loop

150 Chapel Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia

Tatterson Park wetlands loop

150 Chapel Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia
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Wander through hectares of wetlands, woodland and walking tracks in Tatterson Park, This walk also takes you to nearby Hidden Grove and Cafardi Boulevard wetlands.

Tatterson Park wetlands loop

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These wetlands are designed for walking! Featuring a 'World of Insects' playground, public art, boardwalks and 20 hectares of woodland to explore, this walking trail is a real treat.

Facilities: There are numerous spots on offer with playgrounds, bbqs and public toilets. Favourites include the Hidden Grove wetlands and the play area near Springers Leisure Centre.

Transport: Bus 812 and 828 from nearby Dandenong Station stop at Cheltenham Road, at the north of the walk. These operate on Sundays. Please check www.ptv.vic.gov.au to confirm route and schedule.


Points of Interest

1. Hidden Grove wetlands

There are several ways to access these wetlands, best to jump in and start exploring.

2. Keep your eyes open

Even a bird this small can catch your attention! This fella was chatty and chirpy, posing for a photograph.

3. Pencil Park playground

Look out for the towering pencils in different colours. The playground nearby is great fun too.

4. Covered BBQ facilities

With the playground nearby and so many walking paths on the horizon, this is a handy spot to have a picnic or bbq and let the little ones play.

5. Keysborough Golf Club

Walk along the south perimeter of the parklands, you'll spot the lush greens that belong to Keysborough Golf Club. Follow this path along until you reach the start of the next wetland area.

6. Tatterson Park wetlands

As you wander through the Tatterson Park wetlands, envious of the homes on either side, look for other homes of the watery variety. A family of black swans have taken up residence here.

7. Chirpy residents

As you walk, see if you can spot some of the native birds in the area. Black swans are easier to see than some of the smaller varieties. While others are louder than most!

8. Blue sky view

A footbridge in the centre of the park offers a sweeping view of the wetlands.

9. Springers Leisure Centre

This is the perfect spot for an air-conditioned rest, a cuppa and snack. You might even shoot some hoops while you're here!

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10. Beautiful walking trails

Be sure to wear a hat on sunny days. While there are trees closer to the woodland area, it's pretty steamy in full sun along the wetlands walking track.

11. Tatterson Park Community Sporting Complex

You can't see it right now, but if you look south to the two ovals in the distance, that's where a brand new sporting complex is set to be built in 2016. Stay tuned!

12. World of Insects

Quite possibly the cutest playground in the world, this one features ladybugs, ants, beehives and a giant magnifying glass! The design was chosen by the community and has an environmental theme.

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13. Arachnophobes beware...

Just joking. These spiders are for climbing on! Bugs too. Another aspect of the World of Insects playground in Tattersons Park. Not everything's cute it seems.

14. 20-hectare woodlands

Maurie Jarvis Woodland is named after a councilor and three-time local mayor who had a passion for native trees and their preservation. More than 20,000 indigenous trees were planted here in 2005.

15. Transition into wetlands

It's here on the edge of the woodlands that the wetlands begin. A stunning transition.

16. One of many playgrounds

This playground is closest to Lake View Boulevard. There's a big tree nearby and a duck colony too.

17. Distinctly different wetland

Cafardi Boulevard offers a different style of wetlands, at first, as it moves away from the rich woodland of Tatterson Park. Follow the street to reach Hidden Grove.


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