Sparks Reserve to Darebin Parklands

Sparks Reserve

Sparks Reserve to Darebin Parklands

Sparks Reserve
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A nice walk along the creek and through the parklands

Sparks Reserve to Darebin Parklands

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Points of Interest

1. Sparks Reserve

An open space with a playground, sitting area, dog poo bag dispenser and creek-side picnic spot

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2. New path, connecting the Darebin Creek Trail with the Main Yarra Trail

Look left here to see the new path to the Main Yarra Trail, via Napier Waller Reserve. This path is due to open to the public in 2017, though it is already well-trodden.

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3. Bridge under Heidelberg Road

This terrific bridge joined Sparks Reserve with the Darebin Creek Trail, making life much easier for Fairy Hills residents wanting to walk along the creek.

4. Flood-proof fencing

The Darebin Creek floods regularly - to avoid fence losses, the owners of creek-side properties installed cable-based fencing with pivots with water flow.

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5. A good spot to spot carp

At the annual 'catch-a-carp' day, these pest fishes are sometime spotted here - though rarely caught.

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6. Hill stabilisation works

Build on an old tip, this hill is prone to slipping. New stabilisation works and planting will keep the hill in place.

7. Ivanhoe Wetlands

Look across to the Ivanhoe Wetlands - constructed in 1992, they are a haven for birds and wildlife. You can reach them via paths and stepping stones further along the creek.

8. Parklands entrance - and 're-bushing'

Look to your right for where grass and weeds have been sprayed to make way for new planting - as part of an ongoing parkland-wide transition from grass to bush.

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9. Darebin Parklands map

Just next to the path, this map shows the main walking and cycle routes through the parklands, as well as provision for dog-off leash areas and a number of historical markers.

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10. A spot for everyone - seats and nesting boxes

As you stroll through the park, look up to see nest boxes for native birds and small animals - they are an ongoing project of the DCMC and DPA to help wildlife protect their young from predators.

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11. Path to the Ivanhoe Wetlands

Follow this path to the right to find the stepping stones over the creek - then onto the Ivanhoe Wetlands, created in 1992.

12. Mount Puffalo

Mount Puffalo was created in 1998, and provides superb view of the park.

13. Not just a duck pond

Part of the parklands is built over a landfill, which 'leaches' liquid - a system on ponds, reed beds, waterfalls and wetlands clean and treats the water before it reaches the creek.

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14. Waterfall - aerating the water

Lovely to look at and listen to, this waterfall plays a key role in the water treatment system - it aerates the water as it travels from one pond to another.

15. Feeding the ducks - tempting, but discouraged

Ducks love bread, but it's not good for them - while you might not be feeding them much, please consider that you may be the tenth visitor today.

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16. On your bike!

There are numerous shared trails through the parklands, though this one provides the easiest passage for wheels of all types.

17. Spend some quality time with the ducks

Seats like this one are dotted throughout the parklands, providing a rest stop and an opportunity to watch the water birds .

18. Darebin Amphitheatre

A perfectly placed amphitheatre, it is a popular spot for large family picnics, concerts and festivals.

19. Brand new public toilets

At the Separation Street entrance to the parklands, you'll find a car park and these brand new public toilets - clean, accessible and unisex.

20. Keep up to date with parklands happenings

Want to know what's happening in the parklands? You can check out the DPA Facebook - but if you're passing by, you're sure to find something interesting on this notice board.

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21. Environment Centre - learn more and meet the rangers

Home to the DCMC rangers and a place to learn about parklands history and management - pictured here, Ranger Pete has played a leading role in creation of the parklands over the past 25 years.

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