Pound Bend Reserve

90-92 Pound Bend Road, Warrandyte

Pound Bend Reserve

90-92 Pound Bend Road, Warrandyte

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A relaxed walk along the Yarra River in a central but quiet location, featuring a wide variety of wildlife to be spotted over a short distance.

Pound Bend Reserve

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A relaxed walk along the Yarra River in a central but quiet location, featuring a wide variety of wildlife to be spotted over a short distance.


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Only a short drive from the town centre of Warrandyte, Pound Bend Reserve offers a beautiful walk alongside the tranquil Yarra River and a spacious picnic ground for families wanting to enjoy a quiet day out in nature.

Although not far from the suburban traffic of Warrandyte, this location is surprisingly quiet. With little to no noise pollution, the walk itself meanders through the bushland lining the banks of the Yarra. Turning onto a short downhill road off Pound Bend Road just after its intersection with Everard Drive, visitors will find a large carpark servicing the Reserve. Not far from the well-known Pound Bend Tunnel, the walk from the carpark and past Gallatlys Lane and Cresco Park reveals a variety of active wildlife, with a diversity of bird and insect species calling this area home.

Walkers can continue off the trail into the suburbs of Warrandyte along Pound Bend Road or, as recommended, return back on the path already taken to enjoy the scenery of the Yarra a second time around. There are plenty of tree hollows and hiding spots for local wildlife that are missed on the first walk past.

This walk can also be enjoyed in different ways all year round. Spring sees an array of flowering plants showing off their colours and a hive of activity on the part of local birds, whilst summer is a time to enjoy the sun whilst picnicking or following the trail alongside the quietly gurgling waters of the Yarra. Although cooler, walkers may still be lucky enough to spot eastern grey kangaroos grazing along the trail throughout the autumn and winter months.

Whilst Pound Bend Tunnel can be a busy spot for swimmers on warm days, the trail is not overly busy and features sections of boardwalk throughout from which walkers can stop to admire surrounding trees complete with tree hollow residents, such as sulphur-crested cockatoos and crimson rosellas, or white-faced heron hunting for fish in the Yarra waters. Many species of both unusual and recognisable insects are also evident along the trail, including cicadas residing in tree branches and various spiders making their webs - usually to the side of the beaten track!

This easily accessible walk through Pound Bend Reserve is a calming experience for those with an hour to spare, and is one not to be missed by locals or visitors to Warrandyte and surrounding suburbs.

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Points of Interest

1. Indigenous History

A place rich in Indigenous history, Pound Bend Reserve features interpretive displays that educate visitors on what the environment was once like and why certain areas hold cultural significance.

2. Picnic Area

A beautiful spot for a picnic, the Reserve features several picnic tables and grassy areas for visitors to spread a blanket. The tall Eucalypts throughout provide ample shade on warmer days.

3. Yarra River

The lifeblood of the city of Melbourne, the Yarra River passes peacefully through the Reserve and alongside the walking trail.

4. Tree Hollows

The various tree hollows along the path are often inhabited by breeding pairs of birds in the spring months.

5. Boardwalk

Some sections of the trail are boardwalks, providing visitors with a vista through the trees towards the Yarra and a spot to stop and reflect.

6. Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Walkers may be lucky enough to spot these iconic marsupials alongside the trail - these two were photographed near Cresco Park.

7. Birdlife

The large trees along the trail make excellent homes or roosting spots for many species of bird, such as these galahs.

8. Flowering Plants

In the spring and summer months, walkers will find a wide array of attractive flowering plants as they follow the trail along the Yarra.

9. Wild Melbourne

This walk was completed by Wild Melbourne, a not-for-profit specialised in nature engagement and dedicated to connecting people with nature. Please visit our website to find out more.

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