Kilcatten Park Rowville Vic 3178

Starlight reserve, Canter Street, Rowville Vic 3178

Kilcatten Park Rowville Vic 3178

Starlight reserve, Canter Street, Rowville Vic 3178
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This heritage walk takes in Rowville's past, both early and relatively modern. There are traces of forgotten dreams, quirky innovations, and evidence of a dark past

Kilcatten Park Rowville Vic 3178

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Rowville today is densely settled, but this was not the case only fifty years ago. In this short easy walk are echoes of Rowville's early days as a rural area, and connections to the the Aboriginal peopl e prior to settlement in The Dreaming. Modern history is evident in some places, and some interesting examples of the lengths people go to to solve simple domestic problems


Points of Interest

1. Starlight reserve

This reserve dates from the 1970s, but contains Aboriginal bush tucker sources, and also remains of the Rowville military camp, built in 1942 to protect Melbourne from Japanese invasion

2. Tirhatuan wetlands

This wetland is named for the homestead occupied by Rev. James Clow, first European settler in the City of Knox, 1838. The wetland are home to much bird life, and aquatic species such as frogs

3. incline tramway

This is the only incline firewood tramway in the City of Knox. The home owner has a wood fire or stove, and has constructed a 15 metre winch hauled tramway out of angle iron

4. Police Road retarding basin

This massive retaining wall was constructed in the 1970s for flood mitigation by the Dandenong Valley Authority. The DVA was absorbed as part of Melbourne Water in the 1990s

5. Magic 1278 transmission towers

These radio broadcast towers were constructed in the 1970s for AM radio Magic 693. Today operated by Magic 1278, transmissions from here are so powerful they can be picked up (just) in Antarctica!

6. Kilcatten Park site

Kilcatten Park homestead was built by James Quirk in 1856, and home for many years to the Golding family. The homestead has now vanished, but exotic fruit trees still mark the site

7. VFL Park

This arena was to be the home of Australian Rules football, staging the Grand Final and provided with its own rail line. Today, a moldering section of grandstand is all that remains


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