Weir Park / Wetlands

135 Barnes Blvd, Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

Weir Park / Wetlands

135 Barnes Blvd, Horsham VIC 3400, Australia
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Starting at Horsham Weir the track includes two boardwalks across the river and two bird hides. The 2009 Remlaw Bushfires passed right through here and damage can still be seen

Weir Park / Wetlands

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Starting at Weir Park head west towards the weir. Continue on the north side of the river following the winding track. There may be a few different options of tracks so take a few different ones to really experience the wetland area. There are a couple of bird hides along the way along with the wetlands to observe the various wildlife. Continue until you reach the boardwalk and then cross to the south side of the river. From here make your way back along one of the tracks to the boardwalk at the base of the weir. To maintain the natural environment and to allow revegetation after the fires to occur, please remain on the tracks.


Points of Interest

1. Weir Park

This was developed during beautification in the late 60s. This is where Barnes Boulevard terminated pre 1985

2. weir

The new weir was built in the 1967/68. Prior to this the weir was located further upstream where there was also a bathing hole.

3. Wetlands

The wetlands provide a natural setting for local flora and fauna.

4. Bird Hide

One of two bird hides that can be used to search for the various birds who inhabit this area.

5. Bird Hide

Another bird hide providing an opportunity to see the various birds who visit or live in this area.

6. Boardwalk

Downstream this is a chance to cross over the river and explore what the other side has to offer. The track continues east on the other side and meets back at the base of the weir.

7. Weir Boardwalk

This provides an opportunity to explore the other side of the river. The track continues on the other side and can meet up west at the downstream boardwalk


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