Wombat Bend and Finns Reserve, Yarra River (Templestowe)

Corner Union Street and Templestowe Road, Templestowe Lower

Wombat Bend and Finns Reserve, Yarra River (Templestowe)

Corner Union Street and Templestowe Road, Templestowe Lower
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There's something for everyone at this little bend in the Yarra River at Templestowe. Beautiful walking tracks, off-leash areas for dogs and one of Melbourne's best playgrounds!

Wombat Bend and Finns Reserve, Yarra River (Templestowe)

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If you have little ones in tow you can use this map as a guide for a short walk around Finns Reserve and across the suspension bridge over the Yarra, and finish at Wombat Bend's gorgeous play spaces. For those who want to roam further, you can continue along the beautiful Ruffey Creek trail (dogs are allowered off-leash).


Points of Interest

1. Entry and carpark

If you're arriving by car you can park here. There's a plethora of walking paths to choose from including the main Ruffey Creek trail which incorporates this map.

2. Finns Reserve

Finns Reserve allows dogs off-leash and has a shared path.

3. Dogs off-leash area

Finns is an open grassy space with some areas of shady vegetation. Perfect for dogs, but beware of endangering bird life.

4. Shady area (shortcut)

If you want to take a shorter, shadier path, take this one!

5. Heidelberg School Arts Trail

As you make your way back towards the parking area, stop and read about the artists who were part of the Heideberg School (Heidi Sculpture Garden is just 2-3 kms downstream).

6. Picnic area and Ruffey walking trail

This walking trail is more picturesque than Finns Reserve and takes you along above the banks of the Yarra towards the suspension bridge.

7. Suspension Bridge over the Yarra

This bridge is quite stunning and gives you an appreciation of just how wide the Yarra is in parts! If you're lucky you may spot a platypus or two near the banks.

8. Main Yarra Trail

On the other side of the bridge you'll find the Main Yarra Trail. Beware of fast-moving cyclists. You'll see you're not too far from Westerfolds park (if you're up for the challenge!)

9. Nature Play area

Before you hit the playground-proper, give your little people a chance to build and explore with more natural materials. Manningham Council ensures there's a good supply of branches and sticks!

10. Wombat Bend playground

There's much to see, do and discover in this beautiful playground, which caters for children of varying ages and abilities.

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11. Mosaic and sandpit area

Admire the beautiful community-sourced art and get sandy (and wet) in this area if you wish.

12. Maze

Can you find your way through the maze?

13. Human sun dial

A plaque explains the thinking behind this unusual sun dial.

14. Main gate to Wombat Bend playground

We love the wombat! How appropriate. Be sure to stop and admire it.


Art and Culture Art and Culture
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
General General
Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly


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