Sorrento Park to Millionaires' Walk

Sorrento Park, Sorrento, VIC, 3943

Sorrento Park to Millionaires' Walk

Sorrento Park, Sorrento, VIC, 3943

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous indeed! Beginning at the historical Sorrento Park and taking you along the stunning Millionaire’s Walk to Portsea – this walk will not disappoint!

Sorrento Park to Millionaires' Walk

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous indeed! Beginning at the historical Sorrento Park and taking you along the stunning Millionaire’s Walk to Portsea – this walk will not disappoint!


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See how the other half lives on this walk that takes you right through the backyards of the rich and famous! These quiet beach towns are partially empty for the majority of the year, however come summer and all the mansions are filled up with high classed clientele and some famous faces.

This walk encompasses the historically beautiful Sorrento Park and playground and stunning cliff-top views across the bay and from Millionaire’s Walk. It also includes an artists' trail and points of historical interest such as the spot where the British first raised the Union Jack.

Sorrento Park is a must for all visiting the area - boasting well-maintained gardens, grassy hills, BBQ areas, tables, an excellent playground and of course, great views - where you can watch the Sorrento to Queenscliff ferry pass by.

This large, beautifully wooden playground is a favourite of both locals and tourists, and consists of a flying fox, monkey bars, musical instruments, slides and much more!

There are many beautiful aspects of this walk, and one of these is the St. John’s Anglican limestone Church. Juxtaposed among the mansions, this church was opened in 1847 and still holds Sunday services for all to enjoy.

Lentell Avenue marks the beginning of Millionaire’s Walk (though perhaps it should be called Multi-Millionaire's Walk these days!) The high gate entry is easy to miss (POI 6) and reminds me of ‘The Secret Garden’ – as beautiful treasures lie ahead.

I can honestly say that this walk blows me away: the beauty, the quirkiness of it and of course, the mansions! You may feel as though you are trespassing as you venture through the backyards of these properties, however the off-limit areas (the private jetties) are clearly marked. One of my favourite parts of this walk are the many gates you walk through (POI 11) and the beautifully matched jetties.

There is more to this walk though; take some time to look at the Sorrento to Portsea Artists’ Trail (POI 8), which displays paintings that are positioned as close to the scene depicted in the painting as possible. Additionally, make sure to stop at a contentious historical site - the monument where the Union Jack was flown for the first time in Australia to claim possession of the land (POI 10) by colonialists.

Ensure you also take time to take the steps down to one of the gorgeous public beaches and wade in the cool, clear water – and lastly, don’t forget to appreciate the sea views!

- Dogs are permitted on the beaches (on-lead ONLY) except between 9am and 7pm during Daylight Saving period when dogs are not permitted at all.
- If you haven’t been to this area before, make sure you visit the Sorrento main street which boasts beautiful cafes, restaurants and shops.
- Ensure you obey the signs - particularly relating to off-limit areas such as the private jetties and pathways to the beach (there are public pathways that are clearly signposted)

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Points of Interest

1. Welome to Sorrento Park

Sorrento Park boasts beautiful views across the bay where you can sit and watch the ferries come in and dock. Don't forget to take in the gorgeous flora and visit the historic playground!

2. Sorrento Playground

This community funded wooden playground encompasses a large area of Sorrento Park and is a favourite for locals and tourists alike - a must see!

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3. St. John's Anglican Church

This historic limestone church opened in 1847 and its beauty still entrances each person who passes it today.

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4. Beach Views

Crystal clear water, private jetties and a beach which dogs are allowed on-leash. Go on down for a wade in the water!

5. Beach Bliss

Take a stroll on this stretch of beach which is open to the public although all of the jetties are privately owned. Dogs are welcome on-lead at particular times of the year (see notes for more info).

6. Secret Door

This hidden door is very easy to miss (believe me!) and marks the beginning of Millionaires Walk.

7. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

This walk takes you through the backyards of the rich and the famous. See how the other half live up close and personal (with incredible views!).

8. Sorrento - Portsea Artists' Trail

This artists' trail was created by the Mornington Peninsula Shire and brings the artists' works to life by placing their paintings as close to the scene they painted as possible.

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9. A (multi)million-dollar view!

The beauty offered on this walk will take your breath away! Can you think of a better view!?

10. Monument

This monument marks the spot where the Union Jack was first used to claim possession of Australia on March 9th 1802.

11. Gateways to paradise!

On this walk you will be passing through many different gates along the way - just another quirky aspect this walk has to offer!

12. Sorrento to Queenscliff Ferry

This is a great spot to stop and watch the ferries come in and out of the dock.

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