Emu Bottom adventure walk

Racecourse Road, Sunbury

Emu Bottom adventure walk

Racecourse Road, Sunbury

1 h 21 m
5.43 km

Get a taste of the country lifestyle and escape the traffic with this walk that takes you off the usual paths.

Emu Bottom adventure walk

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Get a taste of the country lifestyle and escape the traffic with this walk that takes you off the usual paths.


* Note: A reader has commented late June 2022 that some of the paths on this route have been impacted by heavy rain and are not easy to follow. Best to avoid for now.

Sometimes the best roads are the ones without a road. This walk takes you where the cars can't, using an unmade road reserve and a drainage reserve to create a 5km loop walk connecting three different parks, without having to deal with traffic.

The walk moves through a variety of woodland and grassland areas, takes a glimpse of Victoria's oldest homestead, and finishes with a stroll along the quite lovely Jacksons Creek. There is a good chance of seeing kangaroos around Albert Reserve if the weather is cold, overcast, or at the start or end of the day.

This unusual walk takes you on an adventure down paths only the locals would know. Not only a park walk, this a genuine ramble through the countryside. Sure, it's a bit 'off the beaten track', at times there's hardly a track at all, but that's all part of the adventure (and if you have your phone it's pretty hard to get lost). And yes, it's all on public land and perfectly legal (we checked it out with the local council to be certain).

The first part of this walk along the drainage reserve in particular (points 1, 2 and 3 below) is a bit of bush bash. There is no clear track here. If you don't like the sound of that, a more straightforward way is to walk up Albert Road from the Emu Bottom car park until you get to the Albert Road Nature Reserve. Then follow the rest of the route on the map.

- Make sure you take your phone to help you navigate on this walk. The Google Maps app will show you where you are relative to property boundaries, so that you can easily follow the drainage and road reserves.
- This route will be easier to navigate if walked in a clockwise direction (as indicated by the numbers on the points of interest).
- Unfortunately, the walk as mapped here is not suitable for dogs, because they are prohibited in Albert Road Nature Reserve (to avoid disturbing the kangaroos). For an alternative (shorter) route suitable for dogs, skip the Albert Road Nature Reserve and walk via Albert Road and Nambour Drive, which connects through to Callander Close.
- Points of interest photos have not been geo-located, so location on the map may not be 100% accurate.
- As part of this walk follows a drainage reserve, it may not be suitable during times of heavy rain. Albert Road provides an alternative connection between the Emu Bottom carpark and Albert Road Nature Reserve.

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Points of Interest

1. Off-road

This is where you turn off the road and start following the (possibly dry) creek bed.

2. Obstacles

This is not a maintained track, so you will find the odd obstacle in your way. But that's all part of the fun! Climb over and carry on, following the creek bed.

3. Backyard views

A number of houses back onto the drainage reserve, so you get a bit of a look at how the other half live (or people with lifestyle blocks live).

4. Hoo roo

Depending on the season and time of day, you're a good chance of seeing kangaroos in this area and/or Albert Reserve.

5. Albert Road Nature Reserve

This reserve has large central grass areas with bush to the sides. Chances are you will have it all to yourself, giving a real feeling of quiet countryside.

6. Flowers

As on any walk, keep an eye out for little moments of beauty like this flowering tree.

7. The Parkway Reserve

You don't so much walk through this reserve as alongside it, but you can still see some beautiful trees like this one. Take the opportunity to walk to the creek bed and have a look into the forest.

8. Off-road walk

It's pretty easy to spot, but this is where you head off the road and enter the unmade road reserve.

9. Meet the locals

Once again you walk past the back of some lifestyle properties and get to see who's hanging out there.

10. Emu Bottom homestead

You can't really visit the historic homestead on this walk (private property), but you can see it through the trees.

11. Jacksons Creek

There are various opportunities to get down close to Jacksons Creek, which is quite lovely.

12. Dog off-leash area

Run wild in this massive open space area. Dogs are also allowed to roam free.


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