Whitsunday Peak walk, Sawmill Bay, Whitsunday Islands

Sawmill Bay beach, Cid Harbour, Whitsundays

Whitsunday Peak walk, Sawmill Bay, Whitsunday Islands

Sawmill Bay beach, Cid Harbour, Whitsundays
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Walk up through rainforest gullies to windblown heaths to see spectacular views from the ‘roof of the Whitsundays’.

Whitsunday Peak walk, Sawmill Bay, Whitsunday Islands

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This is a great walk with rewarding views, but quite a bit tougher than the 2.2km one-way estimate suggests! Allow four hours (average walker) as the terrain is quite rugged (and can be hot and sweaty too!)

Please note that the route as marked on this map is only an estimate as we had no GPS signal when we did the walk. So please take care to stick to the track at all times - particularly when you cross the creek (point 4).

It's worth the climb though for an uninterrupted view of the Whitsundays from the islands' highest peak (at 407m above sea level).

Accessed from Sawmill Beach in Cid Harbour, the Whitsunday Peak track is quiet compared to many others in the Whitsundays - quite possibly because you can't swim here because of sharks - see more info about this below!

You'll see the start of the walk track from the beach, then walk through rainforest gullies and uphill to windblown heaths and finally the peak.

Warning: This track is steep and physically demanding. Consider your fitness and walking experience carefully before setting out. Wear appropriate shoes, hat and take plenty of drinking water and good food and energy snacks. The track can be difficult to traverse and can be slippery
in wet weather. You must be well prepared and wear ankle-supporting footwear to safely
complete this track. Be sure to stick to the path.

Danger! Sharks
Many species of sharks live in the Great Barrier Reef and all along the Queensland coast. They live in the ocean, estuaries, freshwater canals and streams. Cid Harbour, on the western side of Whitsunday Island, is a known site for sharks, that have attacked swimmers here without warning. Be sharkwise! Never swim, snorkel or dive in Cid Harbour; serious injury or death may occur.

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Points of Interest

1. Don't swim! Sharks!

Sawmill Beach is in Cid Harbour, a known site for sharks (swimmers have been attacked here without warning.) Never swim, snorkel or dive in Cid Harbour.

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2. Sawmill Beach - start of walk and toilet

You'll see a sign pointing out the start of the walk track (and a drop toilet.) And another reminder not to swim!

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3. Rainforest gullies on the way up

There's plenty of lush vegetation to protect you from the sun on your climb up to the peak.

4. Hard work (cross the creek bed)

The terrain can be fairly rugged. When you cross the creek bed be sure to find the track again on the other side (on the way up and back down).

5. Take a break

You'll need a few pit stops on the way up so find a seat where you can!

6. Vegetation changes as near the peak

You'll know when you're approaching the top of the climb as rainforest gives way to windblown heathlands.

7. The view from up top

Worth the climb.

8. View from other side

Follow the track around to the viewpoint from the other side of the peak.

9. Picnic table

You've earned a good lunch.

10. Looking back at the peak

It doesn't look quite so impressive from here...


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