Warrnambool beach walk

Artillery Cres, Warrnambool

Warrnambool beach walk

Artillery Cres, Warrnambool

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1 h 26 m
5.75 km

This is a sensational walk that takes in some the best of Warrnambool, it includes the beach, history arts, culture and play spaces.

Warrnambool beach walk

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This is a sensational walk that takes in some the best of Warrnambool, it includes the beach, history arts, culture and play spaces.


This is a sensational walk that takes in some the best of Warrnambool, it includes the beach, history arts, culture and play spaces.

There is so much to do on this walk including a swim, picnic, play or keep walking around the coast or Lake Pertobe.

The Walks starts at Artillery Cres car park, but is only a 5 minute walk from the railway station or Liebig St and the CBD.

Dog on leash for most of the walk but no dogs allowed at the Marine Sanctuary (which is near the turn around point of this loop walk).

The Warrnambool Breakwater consists of two parts: the concrete breakwater extending out into the bay, and the timber viaduct which once joined it to the shore, which now runs along the east side of the Merri River and is surrounded by land to the east.

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Points of Interest

1. Apex Walk

This sign has been here for a while, but don't know much about it.

2. The sunrise

If the weather is good it really is worth getting up early for this!

3. Along the beach

Beautiful firm sand makes the beach a joy for walking.

4. Horses training

Race horses are trained on the beach until 10.30am each morning which can be off putting if you are not into horses (so keep a wide berth).

5. Steep steps

There are some steep steps to get onto the Breakwater, or if you have a pram you can walk a little further to access. Love the sign that looks like a surfer who forgot their board.

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6. Looking south west

It must be amazing to stand here on a a day with rough seas, but gorgeous on a sunny morning.

7. Across Lady Bay to Warrnambool

A good view back to Warrnambool over the beach and Lake Pertobe.

8. Warrnambool Breakwater

It is worth a wander to the end of the Breakwater.

9. Old Warrnambool Aquarium

The concrete bumps are the Old Warrnambool Aquarium that opened in 1971 and closed in 1998.

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10. Merri Island and Middle Island

The Islands are part of the Merri Marine Sanctuary which goes from tje mouth of the Merri River and covers 25ha of coast from the Breakwater to Thunder Point. No dogs allowed.

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11. Warrnambool Foreshore Promenade

The path is shared with bicycle riders and is surrounded by bushes and trees with a few beach access paths and seats.

12. Wonderful seat

Now this is a good spot for a rest to sit an ponder while the world goes by.

13. Dog walkers

The path is very popular with dog walkers up to the Merri Sanctuary.

14. Exercise station

If you up for a little bit of a workout...

15. Lake Pertobe

Once a large swamp, Lake Pertobe has been made into a lake and reserve that is well worth a walk around.

16. Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground is a year-round family attraction to let the young uns run wild

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17. Lake Pertobe Maze

The Maze which is a lot of fun for children, was recently painted by four renowned street artists.

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18. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village

In the Museum lie the stories of hundreds of ships, their crewmen and passengers whose lives were claimed by the Shipwrecked Coast in the 19th Century.

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19. Panoramic views

The view from the Cannon Hill Lookout across Lake Pertobe to Lady Bay , the Breakwater and beyond.

20. Portuguese Explorers Memorial

A monument (padrão) commemorates the early voyages of Portuguese navigators in the southern seas and includes the busts of Vasco Da Gama, the Portugese explorer and Prince Henry The Navigator.

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21. Aboriginal Soldiers Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to all Aboriginal men and women from South West Victoria who served their country proudly along with fellow Australians since World War 1.

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