Parker Hill & Inlet walk Cape Otway

Blanket Bay Rd, Cape Otway

Parker Hill & Inlet walk Cape Otway

Blanket Bay Rd, Cape Otway

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5.35 km

This is a cracker of a walk that takes in bush, beach and some of the often wild Victorian coastline.

Parker Hill & Inlet walk Cape Otway

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This is a cracker of a walk that takes in bush, beach and some of the often wild Victorian coastline.


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This circuit walk can be done either way, but it's easier to commence from Blanket Bay Rd and walk towards Parker Hill and back along the beach because you will descend from Parker Hill down some steps, rather than up them.

There is an abundance of birdlife and you will likely see wallabies and koalas, and echidnas and reptiles in summer.

Please note, there is a bit of clambering over rocks from Parker Inlet and some of the rocks, particularly in winter, can be mossy and quite slippery. So if you are unsteady on your feet or have some balance issues you might not want to walk this part of the route. However, the good news is there is a coastal track that is part of the Great Ocean Walk slightly inland from the coast for the return trip. It is clearly marked and you will still and up at the same finish spot.

Leaving aside the occasionally slippery rocks, it is an absolute joy walking along the rock ledges and small sandy beaches (not swimmable, apart from Parker Inlet), looking in rock pools and finding lots of interested stuff.

You can also walk to Crayfish Bay toward the end of the walk before you go back to the start (see Point of Interest 16). Another nearby walk is Cape Otway to Rainbow Falls walk

Toilets at Parker Hill campground, but no water.

NO DOGS ALLOWED in this part of the Great Otway National Park.

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Points of Interest

1. Fork in the road

Take the left fork to Park Hill as its a bit easier then walking the other way round.

2. Down to Parker River

Nice view isn't it? In summer evenings this spot is Often alive with birdlife hunting insects.

3. Steps to the beach.

The path to the beach can be a bit tunnel like.

4. Parker River

The Parker River in the Gadubanud language is named, Tjeerrang bundit, meaning "twigs of spear tree. Occasionally some of the Hull of Eric there Red is visible in the river bed mouth.

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5. Parker River beach

The Parker River beach is graded a "moderately safe" (see link), the "river and waves have built a 100 m long beach inside the bay, with a small, low, sand barrier and estuary behind the beach".

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6. Baby Conger eel

Always seem to find something interesting, and this (I think) is baby conger eel.

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7. Across the water

You can walk along the rocky ledges the other side of Parker Inlet for miles (maybe even to Blanket Bay?).

8. Seaweed in the water

You can get down close to teh water at some parts, and it is often crystal clear.

9. Ship's bollards?

Not sure what these are called, but assume they are bollards for ships that are part of a wreck (or pier) from along the coast.

10. Grotto

There are a few grottos blown into the cliff faces along the shoreline, this one has pig-face curtains hanging in front.

11. Channels

Love watching the waves crash up the many channels cut into the rocky ledges along the coast.

12. Rocky formations

The windblown walls made of different rocks formed over the ages appear like sculptures?

13. Cape Otway Lighthouse

On a clear day you can see the Cape Otway Lighthouse in the distance.

14. Webs

Now, this is interesting. There were a few webs next to the track when we walked in July and no idea what animal made them.

15. Crayfish Bay Carpark

Head up the track to Crayfish Bay carpark then keep going to get back to the start.


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