Crayfish Bay, Cape Otway

Blanket Bay Rd, Cape Otway VIC 3233, Australia

Crayfish Bay, Cape Otway

Blanket Bay Rd, Cape Otway VIC 3233, Australia
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Great walk to Crayfish Bay and back (near Cape Otway), beach walk one way and cliff top return.

Crayfish Bay, Cape Otway

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To get to the start of the walk, turn onto Blanket Bay Road from Lighthouse Road and after about a kilometre or so turn right to Point Franklin, Crayfish Bay and Parker Hill . Go over the cattle grid and turn right down the hill (straight ahead takes you to Parker River). There is a small car park down the bottom (used to be much bigger) and start the track. The sign posts indicate Crayfish Bay (right) or Point Franklin (left). Take water with you.

Crayfish Bay and the adjoining point used to house a few fishing shacks. These have been removed now that the area is part of Otway National Park. The best time to do the walk is at low tide, but you can do it anytime. Definitely low tide if you want to do some skin-diving.

Please note, these photos were taken on calm day at low tide, but this part of the coast can be very stormy and windy at other times. It is still OK to walk then, but it may not be as pleasant as the photos imply (but I love it when it is stormy too!).

Another, slightly longer, nearby walk is Parker Hill & Inlet walk Cape Otway circuit walk that includes Point Franklin. Park car near cattle grid and walk along Parker track to Parker Hill (camping spots and toilet, no water). The track to the beach is stepped and quite steep, but the descent is worth it as the Parker river inlet is beautiful. At low tide walk back along the beach to Point Franklin then back up to the cattle grid.

Also, the return walk from Cape Otway to Rainbow Falls is definitely worth doing.

The nearest town is Apollo Bay.


Points of Interest

1. Crayfish Bay signpost

Crayfish Bay signpost, all you need do is decide which track to take first. I reckon, take the beach way and cliff top back there is best.

2. The grottos

There a few grottos or small caves at the end of the first beach. Many a time on a rainy, cold winters day they have provided shelter.

3. Cape Otway Lighthouse

The white spot in the cliff edge in the distance (middle of the photo) is the Cape Oyway Lighthouse.

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4. Rockpools

At low tide there are many, many rockpools to keep young and old fascinated.

5. Arriving at Cray Bay

Arriving at Cray Bay at low tide, on a still warm April morning. Beautiful.

6. Crayfish Bay

Crafish Bay at its best, on a very low tide, which is great for a snorkle (don't bother diving if it is not low tide).

7. Cray Bay and Otway Reef

Climbing up the track and looking down on Cray Bay and out to the Otway Reef

8. The Southern Ocean

A great spot to look out to the Southern Ocean and watch the rollers coming in.

9. The Cliff Top Track

The Cliff Top Track is very narrow and sometimes a little overgrown, but a delight nonetheless.

10. The Boardwalk

A shortish boardwalk.


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