Clunes Heritage Walk

Queens Park, Corner of Clunes Campbell Road and Ligar Street

Clunes Heritage Walk

Queens Park, Corner of Clunes Campbell Road and Ligar Street

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A walk through the first Gold Town of Victoria reveals some interesting architecture. Gold was first discovered in Clunes in 1851 by James Esmond.

Clunes Heritage Walk

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A walk through the first Gold Town of Victoria reveals some interesting architecture. Gold was first discovered in Clunes in 1851 by James Esmond.


Commence your walk from Queens Park. Head towards Fraser Street and turn left. Walk toward the Hotel. Turn Right on Creswick Road and then left onto Service Road. Here you will find a number of interesting buildings. Turn left into Hill Street for a glimpse at the CFB. Return to the main road and continue until you reach the Clunes railway Station.
From here return the same way back into town, this time turning left at Bailey Street. Continue along this street seeing a few public buildings, churches and a School. Turn right down Camp Street. On the corner of Camp Parade is another historical building.
Continue down Camp Street and crossing over Creswick Creek to The Port Phillip Mine site. Return to the main road, Fraser Street and turn left heading towards the commercial district. There are a number of cafes here serving coffee or lunches. At the intersection there is a war memorial turn left and walk up past Victoria Park where you commenced your walk and continue up hill onto Angus Street. At the intersection of the Scenic Drive you can turn left and walk to the monument of where the first Gold was found or turn right onto Canterbury Street to see the North Clunes School. Continue down Canterbury road until you reach the intersection Daylesford - Clunes Road and turn right. Continue walking until you reach Ligar Street and turn right, this will bring you back to Victoria Park where you commenced your walk.

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Points of Interest

1. Victoria Park & Fountain

This fountain was built in 1887 in honour of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee which was celebrated on 20 and 21 June 1887.

2. School of Mines

The Clunes School of Mines was established as a campus of the Ballarat School of Mines in 1890. The Gothic gabled building was constructed in 1892.

3. The Corner Store

Built in 1870

4. The Old Hotel

This building on the corner of Bailey and Fraser Streets was once the Telegraph Hotel built about 1865.

5. Country Fire Board

Built in 1868 for the The Independant Order Of Rechabites - Temperance Hall

6. The Methodist Church

The main part of the building was erected in 1863 as the Wesleyan Church. The Transept and the Spire were added in 1870.

7. Masonic Hall

Firstly built as the Primitive Methodist Church in 1868 and closed in 1907

8. Hotel

Established in 1873

9. Clunes Railway Station

Built in 1874 when the railway was extended to Clunes, It was once a bustling place.

10. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Erected in 1861, this was the first brick church in Clunes.

11. Clunes Post Office

Built in 1879. The foundations are 5.5 metres deep.It is one of the best examples of Italianate Post Offices in Victoria.

12. Town Hall & Court House

Designed by P. Oakden architect and built by W. Cowland, they were responsible for building the Ballarat Town Hall. The foundation stone was laid in 1872.

13. St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Built in 1873. The buildings toothed stonework is still not completed.

14. Mechanics Institute

Built in 1874

15. St Paul's Church of England

Built in 1871 of local bluestone.

16. St Paul's Chapel

Built in 1859 and shifted to its present site from Fraser Street.

17. South Clunes School

Built in 1880, operated as a school until 1922, the students were transferred to the North Clunes School. From 1922 it operated as a knitting Mill. Today it operates as a Bottle Museum.

18. Former Masonic Hall

Meetings were held at this hall from 1864 to 1908.

19. Port Phillip Mine

One of the 5th most productive mines in Victoria.

20. Union Bank

Built 1865

21. National Hotel

Built in 1860

22. Cobb & Co Agent

Built 1860's, The building survival is probably due to the long occupancy of Mathews and the nature of his business.

23. State Savings Bank

Built 1871

24. London Charted Bank

Built 1871, now home to the R.S.L.

25. Store & Cottage

Built in 1853

26. Club Hotel

Built 1870

27. Town Hall Hotel

at 65 Fraser Street was the Town Hall Hotel Built in 1876

28. James Esmond Monument

James Esmond officially found gold in this area on July 1851 From this point you can see the area of where much of the mining took place.

29. North Clunes Primary School

Built in 1875, this was the second Government School in Clunes.


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