Plain Creek Falls Walk, Merrijig

Carters Road Picnic Area, corner Mt Buller Rd., Merrijig 3723

Plain Creek Falls Walk, Merrijig

Carters Road Picnic Area, corner Mt Buller Rd., Merrijig 3723

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2 h 30 m
7.45 km

A pretty as pretty walk along the water fern lined and ever tumbling Plain Creek to where it spills over a cliff edge as a waterfall.

Plain Creek Falls Walk, Merrijig

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A pretty as pretty walk along the water fern lined and ever tumbling Plain Creek to where it spills over a cliff edge as a waterfall.


Plain Creek is a tributary of the Delatite River, with the confluence below Carter's Mill Camping Ground. Enjoy walking the length of this very pretty waterway to Plain Creek Falls. You will traverse a wet gully track lined with water ferns and in cooler months rich with fungi.

This loop walk to Plain Creek Falls starts from Carter's Day Visitor Area. It follows a well signed dirt walking track. There a a few rocks along the way that make the surface uneven, as well as some muddy patches. There is a modest if steady incline most of the way up. The track crosses the creek in a few places via good condition metal bridges. There is a fenced off viewing area at the falls. Be mindful it is easy for kids to get under the rail onto the slippery rocks above the torrent through the drop below.

Return via the loop mapped here along Plain Creek Track. For a pleasant contrast, this loop takes you through the higher ground of the forest. These mountains have a long history of logging and saw milling. Today the timber is advancing regrowth as part of Mansfield State Forest.

As you go you will see evidence of the timber cutting during the past century in the form of large remnant stumps with the slots cut into them. These were where tree fellers inserted boards for standing on while cutting higher up the trunk. There was once a timber tramway, but remnants were burnt in a bushfire.

Alternatively, you can return the way you came for a slightly shorter walk.

Car parking
Fire grate
Picnic tables
Public toilets
Potable water
Trail head sign
Walking tracks
Historic features
Directional signs
Information signs
Alternative routes
Flora and fauna habitat

Cliff faces
Open water
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
Slippery surfaces
Snakes may be active
Beware of vehicle traffic
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking

Dogs must be leashed & under control at all times
No firearms
No hunting
No illegal fishing
Take rubbish with you
Native flora and fauna are protected
Do not remove timber from standing trees
Fires only in places provided
Closed on days of total fire ban
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered

Camping is permitted at Carters Mill Camping Ground

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Points of Interest

1. Carters Day Visitor Area

Parking is alongside the Delatite River at the Day Visitor Area. There is a fire pit with picnic tables and plenty of space for kids to run around.

2. Plain Creek Walk

The first section of the track also forms part of a 2km return loop if you do not wish to go all the way to the falls.

3. Carters Mill Campground

Just a short distance along the road past the start of the walk (over the bridge and around the corner) you will find public toilets and camping space.

4. Water ferns

One of the attractive natural features of the walk is the mass of water ferns lining the creek bank and associated wet areas.

5. Directional signs

The signs en route give a clear indication of where to go. At this point your choice is to return by a short loop to the start - 2km total, or continue on to the falls - an extra 5 - 6km.

6. Bridges

There are a few creek crossings necessary to navigate the waterway. They are all bridged by sound metal structures in good condition.

7. A tumbling creek

All the way to the falls the creek tumbles and spills across a rocky bed of water rounded stones. For much of the way it is in view. When it isn't the sound makes for a lovely backdrop to the bush.

8. The track

The track surface is dirt with water rounded stones embedded in places, making it a bit uneven. It can be muddy as well. It is easy to follow.

9. Tree falls

Tree falls across the track are quite a common occurrence. These appear to be reliably cleared to keep the track open.

10. Fungi

Even as the months get warmer, this wet gully provides an atmosphere moist enough for the discovery of beautiful fungi.

11. Plain Creek Falls

The waterfall itself is well worth the walk. It isn't huge, but the volume of water makes for an impressive display most of the year.

12. Spring wildflowers

Come Spring wildflowers emerge enough to add some vibrance and colour. There aren't as many as you might find elsewhere, so each individual has more significance in this location.

13. The Weir

An unexpected amenity is to be found at the river crossing as you turn off Mt Buller Rd., a potable water hydration station. The weir here provides Sawmill Settlement opposite with its water supply.


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