Two Creeks, Ringwood Station walk

Ringwood Railway Station, Station St., Ringwood 3134

Two Creeks, Ringwood Station walk

Ringwood Railway Station, Station St., Ringwood 3134

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A loop walk beginning and ending at Ringwood Railway Station. This walk connects the Mullum Mullum Creek (Ringwood section) and Dandenong Creek (Heatherdale and Heathmont section) Trails.

Two Creeks, Ringwood Station walk

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A loop walk beginning and ending at Ringwood Railway Station. This walk connects the Mullum Mullum Creek (Ringwood section) and Dandenong Creek (Heatherdale and Heathmont section) Trails.


Another in the station to station series, this walk can be accessed by public transport without the need for a vehicle. Ringwood Railway and Bus Station is a transport hub for Melbourne's outer east.

After arriving at Ringwood Station you can either walk down Ringwood Street past Eastland shopping mall or through the mall itself (probably worth the look for its rather grand halls) down to Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. This section of the creek forms a green corridor between the Eastern Freeway / Eastlink access road and Ringwood's residential centre.

The route then traverses the Eastlink Trail to Dandenong Creek. Where there are sound barriers it is quite pleasant walking. For just over 1km these are absent, so traffic noise is louder.

After crossing Canterbury Rd you will enter the Heatherdale wetlands. This is a pleasant and popular location. Follow the next green corridor alongside Ringwood Golf Course which parallels the Dandenong Creek Trail. Walk upstream to the Marlborough Rd foot bridge in Heathmont.

From here you will walk through typical suburban Ringwood circa 1960s back towards the station. Along the way are various leafy parklands including school grounds, bushland, playgrounds and significant sports and cultural facilities. It is really quite nice.

This walk is fairly long. There is plenty of seating and many rest points along the way. A couple of potable water hydration stations are also present.

Note, from Mullum Mullum Creek to the Marlborough Rd Footbridge this route takes shared pathways. There is plenty of room for both walkers and riders. The vast majority of people do the right thing, practice mutual respect, give each other plenty of room and riders give passing warnings. Keep to the left on paths or enjoy walking on the grass, if you have one, keep your dog under control and you will have a lovely time.

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Car parking
Picnic tables
Public toilets
Potable water
Trail head signs
Walking tracks
Historic features
Sports Reserves
Railway station
Directional signs
Information signs
Flora and fauna habitat

Open water
Limbs may fall
Subject to flooding
Snakes may be active
Beware of other recreational traffic
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart
Be equipped for self-reliant walking

Dogs must be leashed & under control at all times
Take rubbish with you
Native flora and fauna are protected
No 4WD or motor bike access

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Points of Interest

1. Ringwood Station

A train and bus public transport hub for the outer east

2. Station car parking

If you have to drive.

3. The changing face of Ringwood

Central Ringwood is steadily being elevated

4. Eastland

Walk past or through Eastland en route to Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. The mall halls are worth a look. It is a good place to supply you for walking too.

5. Plenty of signage, seating

There are a few examples of public art along the way as well

6. Urban overlooking

Apartments are a increasingly a feature bordering the green corridor

7. Mullum Mullum Creek Trail

Water run off management and native landscaping continue to improve the trail

8. Playground and BBQ

Playgrounds, BBQ and picnic facilities are distributed throughout the walk

9. Maroondah Hwy shared pathway bridge

The bridge path is quite broad

10. View from the bridge

Past the cement works to Mt Dandenong

11. Eastlink Trail

This 1km+ stretch is the only length without sound barriers.

12. Sound barriers return

It is surprising how effective these things actually are.

13. Heatherdale Wetlands

A very nice spot. Plenty of birdlife and frog croaking going on.

14. Ringwood Golf Course

Opposite the Dandenong Creek Trail, the golf course adds to the green open spaces

15. Wetlands along Dandenong Creek Trail

Great work has been done over the years to establish serial wetlands

16. Informative signage

For those interested in how these areas came together and function, there is good reading en route

17. Exercise and hydration station

This is the only exercise station. Otherwise there are at least two hydration stations on the walk

18. Marlborough Rd footbridge

Cross here to head back toward the station

19. Leafy suburban walking

Walking through this part of Ringwood's residential area is leafier than many suburbs closer in to the city

20. Suburban housing stock - always interesting

Not to mention the gardens and what you discover in them

21. Bushy parklands

Before arriving back at the station there are more substantial green spaces to enjoy

22. Outstanding sporting facilities

Spread amongst winding paths, trees and parks are some very impressive sports grounds and centres including the lovely tennis club setting and the remarkable Aquanation

23. Federation Estate

The old Ringwood Primary School has been converted into a cultural centre with an excellent gallery


Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Historical interest Historical interest
Local treasures Local treasures
Art and culture Art and culture
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
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