Lake, Town & Rail Trail, Tallangatta

The Triangle Park, Towong St., Tallangatta 3700

Lake, Town & Rail Trail, Tallangatta

The Triangle Park, Towong St., Tallangatta 3700

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With comprehensive local history at your fingertips and a beautiful lake frontage to explore, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this Tallangatta loop walk.

Lake, Town & Rail Trail, Tallangatta

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With comprehensive local history at your fingertips and a beautiful lake frontage to explore, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this Tallangatta loop walk.


Tallangatta is a great place to visit. There is the ever popular and historic High Country Rail Trail (HCRT), the ever changing waters of Lake Hume and a built environment that reflects the 1956 relocation of the township to make way for the massive Hume Reservoir. The town itself is a “Notable Town” as designated by the National Trust. Moved from the original township site approximately 7 kilometres to the east, today's population of approximately 1,000 share the experience of living in a charming time capsule.

It is a great place to walk around. Surrounded by postcard like scenery of bucolic hills and valleys, local lookouts, pleasing public spaces and buildings, vast waterways, the rail trail and a diverse range of recreational offerings, there is much to see and do.

A loop, you can start anywhere and travel in either direction. Surfaces are generally sealed / half sealed, clear and well maintained. Seating is available at many points along the route.

Amenities on offer include everything you could wish for such as tourist information, BBQ and picnic facilities, potable water, excellent interpretive signage, parks, gardens and playgrounds, shopping and importantly, clean public toilets.

You can also enjoy local wining and dining, arts and crafts, many on and off the water outdoors lifestyle activities and community events throughout the year.

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Points of Interest

1. The Triangle Park

Located in the heart of town this delightful park has everything for the active visitor about to start and finish a longish loop walk. All amenities are catered for. The park is surrounded by shops.

2. St Michael's Catholic Church

As you walk, buildings from the 1950s relocation of the township give a feeling of what it would have been like then. Architecture of the period abounds with the Catholic Church amongst the classics.

3. What a setting!

Schools, the swimming pool, sports and recreation facilities all share a special feature - the beautiful hill and dale backdrop. Go down Weramu St opposite if camping at Tallangatta Showgrounds.

4. Beside Towong St Rail Trail bridge

When you get to the HCRT bridge, a mown path presents itself on the left running outside the fenced High School boundary. This grassy ramp slopes down to the Rail Trail itself.

5. Lord's Hut

Lord's Hut is an historic slab sided cabin inclusive of a heritage display and well worth stopping for.

6. Bolga Station

Bolga was the place Tallangatta was relocated to. The station siding and a large goods shed remain. The shed is used by the Rail Trail volunteers as a base for maintenance and improvement works.

7. Comprehensive interpretive signage

Walking the Rail Trail has many attractions. One of the best ways to engage with your surroundings is through the imagery and content of the comprehensive interpretive signage.

8. Seating

There are plenty of pretty spots to take a break along the way.

9. Enter Towong St East

After a taste of the Rail Trail you return to town via newer dwellings with rustic outlooks. Enjoy looking across farmland to the water and hills beyond.

10. The Lake Hume Walking Track

You return to the 1950s vintage residential sector and, opposite the Tallangatta Health and Ambulance Service buildings, you will discover a lovely foreshore walk prettily landscaped and featured.

11. Quite a big linear space

There is lots of space and vegetation to enjoy.

12. Many beautiful vistas

It certainly is a picturesque setting.

13. A paved track

The walking continues to be easy for the entire length of the walk.

14. Modern amenities

The foreshore parkland is clean and well maintained with modern amenities along its length.

15. The boat ramp

Boating and fishing are enormously popular in the region - and no wonder.

16. Pelican Park 01

Opposite the boat ramp is Pelican Park, the park within the park. It includes sculpted public art within a sand pit for child's play - wonderful.

17. Pelican Park 02

Push button on demand fountains for getting wet, more BBQs and sheltered picnic facilities. Perfect for families.

18. Another park within a park

The attractively sited Lakeside Caravan Park is bounded by the foreshore. As you skirt around its perimeter back to town you will find the various accomodation styles fetching.

19. One last view

Ever alluring, the water and this North East Victorian landscape combine too captivate. Appreciating them at a walking pace cannot be beaten. Over this inlet is the golf course if golf is also a joy.


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