Quarry Hills Park Foothills Circuit

25-35 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia

Quarry Hills Park Foothills Circuit

25-35 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang VIC 3752, Australia
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The Foothills Circuit is one walk within the Quarry Hill Bushland Park. It takes in some great views of the surrounding area including views into the city and Yarra Ranges.

Quarry Hills Park Foothills Circuit

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The carpark of the Council offices can be used as your starting point for this slightly challenging walk that gives you more reward than your effort.
The Foothills Circuit is actually one of three trails through the Quarry Hills and Granite Hills Parks and has many side trails to keep further walks slightly different and interesting each time you return. The park itself has an area of 114 hectares although this trail only takes in the southern section of the park. Facilities and highlights along the trail include shelters, viewing platforms with fantastic 360 degree views, natural bushland and grasslands, delicate wildflowers, and the sighting of kangaroos in the morning dawn and evening dusk.
The path starts close to the Henderson wetlands and swamp and the path is paved and quickly turns to gravel and heads up hill to the playground with barbeques and tables under shelter. From here the path leads up again to the highest point of the walk where you are treated to the fantastic views of the city, Yarra Ranges and Kinglake and Macedon Ranges . The path then declines towards Swamp Gum Gully and the start of the rest of the trails, but you need to hook tightly right and follow the path along side the residential boundary and the path will return to the Foothills playground.
This trail generally does not have much shade as it is mainly grasslands, there is seating sporadically dotted along the path. It is well suited to a slower leisure walk, great for families or a challenging fitness walk.


Points of Interest

1. Findon Road Crossing

Findon Road is a main thoughfare for cars, trucks, and buses that can be quite busy at all times of the day. It is the only road crossing during the walk, so please take care when crossing here.

2. Foothills Park

This photo shows the type of landscape you will be treated to on this beautiful walk

3. Foothills Park's Gates

There are two of these gates on the walk that could prove tricky if you have a stroller, wheelchair, or walking aid. They can be a little tight to get through.

4. Foothills Playground

This is a great spot of a picnic or a rest spot. A playground for the kids, electric barbeques for a hot lunch, and tables with shade.

5. Foothills Playground

A different view of the playground area

6. Foothills Park Hill

This is the steepest part of the walk, which is also a access road for park management.

7. City Views

This is just one aspect of the 360 degree views you will get from this point on the walk. Spend some time here to pick the the surrounding features.

8. Word of Caution

Throughout the walk there mounded speed humps that could catch you unaware. Also the gravel path can be loose, so take care with foot placement.

9. Halfway Point

This point is where the Foothills Circuit joins the other two walks in the Quarry Hills reserve. Take a right hairpin turn to continue along the Foothills Circuit.

10. The back section

You get to enjoy the flatest part of the walk here. This section also adjoins and has good access to the residential areas.

11. Henderson Creek Wetlands

On your return to the Council offices and your starting point, you get the opportunity to sample some of the Henderson Creek Wetlands which continues under and on the other side of The Lakes Boulevard


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