Albert Park Lake Accessible Walk

Lakeside Car Park, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Lake, South Melbourne 3205

Albert Park Lake Accessible Walk

Lakeside Car Park, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Lake, South Melbourne 3205

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The calming lake, the waterbirds and the other people enjoying this wide green parkland make this a very pleasant walk or roll.

Albert Park Lake Accessible Walk

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The calming lake, the waterbirds and the other people enjoying this wide green parkland make this a very pleasant walk or roll.


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Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone by foot, in a wheelchair or using another mobility aid.

What can I see?
Walk the full loop or a shorter return walk along the more sheltered south-western shore. There are birds and boats on the lake. Fishing is allowed. The view of the city is great. Maps and information signs are provided at a few locations.

How accessible is the path?
Paths are generally smooth compacted granitic sand or sealed, wide and flat. There is some puddling after rain.

There is one road crossing. The ramped pedestrian crossing at Aquatic Drive is beside Lakeside Stadium.

Rest areas
Coot and Swan picnic areas have accessible BBQ / picnic shelters, tree shade and accessible toilets. Regular picnic tables have tight gaps that prevent roll under.

Ibis, Cormorant and Grebe picnic areas have BBQs, regular picnic tables and small shelters - most surrounded by grass.

Shelters are found along the walk. The north-east shore is most exposed to the weather.

There are seats on concrete paving. There may be lips between different path surfaces.

Accessible water fountains vary. Carrying a water bottle is a good idea.

There is 1 cafe at the sailing docks. Check opening hours.
Albert Park becomes a racetrack in March.
Cyclists may share pathways.

There are 3 accessible toilets (see photos).

Accessible parking is free, sealed, flat bitumen. It is 40 metres or less to the walk. Lakeside accessible car parking is off street. There are protected side spaces and room to the rear.

Only Swan picnic area accessible parking backs onto a road. There are many regular car parking spaces around the lake. Mobile coverage is good. You can arrange other pick-up locations.

Public Transport
Canterbury Rd light rail stop 129 and tram stops on route 12 along Albert Rd are 400 metres from the walk. Shelters, seating, mobility aid spaces and passenger information are provided. Ramped, flat, wide bitumen paths connect to the walk. Not all paths have pedestrian crossings.

Dogs must be leashed on the path. See Albert Park dog walking

The following photos and descriptions provide more information about all abilities access. Conditions may change. If you notice variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disabilities and carers think of this accessible Walking Map. Please tell us by completing this  five minute survey.
Your feedback will help us to create local walks information of high quality for carers and people with disability.

“Walking and rolling together: accessible walking trails for people with disability” is a partnership between Victoria Walks and Scope.

Logo Victoria Walks acknowledges the support of Access for All Abilities, an initiative of the Victorian Government.
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Points of Interest

1. Accessible car parking for Coot Picnic Area

There are 3 accessible spaces in the corner of Lakeside car park off Aughtie Drive. All have protected side spaces. They are passed by car park traffic only. It is 20m to the park.

2. Coot Picnic Area accessible toilets

Coot Picnic Area has 2 accessible toilets, the cleanest of the main picnic areas. Doors are 870mm wide to a short passage and turn in . Grass must be crossed to get to them.

3. Liberty Swing

The Coot Picnic Area includes a playground has a Liberty Swing next to it. It requires a MLAK. The path to it is narrow with grass ingrowth. The playground itself is not accessible.

4. Birdlife

Birdlife abounds on and beside the lake. Black swans gracefully glide across the water trailed by clutches of cygnets in spring. Ducks of all sorts swim and waddle about. Please do not feed the birds.

5. A narrowing

The Carousel Restaurant (now closed) concrete path is the narrowest part of the track at 1.6m wide. There is a small lip up to the sealed path or take the pedestrian crossing through the car park.

6. Fishing

Licensed fishing is a popular pastime at the lake. There are many places to drop a line.

7. Ibis, Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Areas accessible toilet

There is 1 accessible toilet (door 890mm) for these picnic areas. It is set back 40m from the walk along a smooth, sealed path.

8. Many picnic facilities (not all accessible)

Ibis, Cormorant and Grebe Picnic Areas offer more BBQs and picnic tables. There are also small shelters. Some of these facilities are across lawns and exposed to the elements.

9. Informative signs and maps

At various points around the walk are sheltered signs sharing information about the park and detailed maps of paths and features.

10. Alternative routes for shorter walks or rolls

Various accessible car parks service the lakeside loop. Mobiles work well. Vehicle drop offs and pick ups at different points are easy. For example here are the Powerhouse car park, art and jetties.

11. Lake edge concrete path

A 1.2m wide concrete path follows the north-east bank. It has no safety barriers and a drop to the water. A sign points wheelchair users to the main loop path.

12. Palmside

The palm lined north-east bank of the lake provides shelters, seating, accessible water and bins, as does the south-west side, but the northern aspect is more exposed to the elements. Be SunSmart.

13. Mucking around in boats

The lake supports many sailors and clubs. Sailability programs are available for people with a disability.

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14. Significant slope towards the water

The 1.2m wide lake edge path is not recommended for people with disabilities even when in good condition. This section adds to the risk with a significant slope towards the water.

15. Swan Picnic Area

Swan Picnic Area includes shady trees, seating, BBQs, shelters, a playground and accessible water fountains. It is the closest picnic area to the sailing docks.

16. Swan Picnic Area accessible toilet

There is 1 accessible toilet here. It is accessed by a firm, flat path. At the time of writing it had been vandalised. It had a broken seat, was dirty and leaking. The Coot toilet looked much better.

17. Aquatic Drive pedestrian crossing

This is the only road crossing in the walk. A ramped pedestrian crossing takes you from Swan Picnic Area to the path beside Lakeside Oval and back to Lakeside car park.

18. Swan Picnic Area accessible parking

There are 2 accessible spaces with 1 side protected space that directly access Swan Picnic Area. There is passing traffic behind these spaces along Albert Rd Drive.

19. Sailing docks

The sailing docks are a shady place for people and boat watching with 2.8m wide smooth flat concrete paths and wooden docks. Note: the green bollards mark a slope down to the water for boat hauling.

20. Refreshment services

The only cafe on the walk is at the sailing docks. Check opening hours. If you are not going to be in this area it is a good idea to bring your own.

21. Soft areas after rain

There is evidence of some soft areas in the compacted granitic sand path after rain. This section beside the Lakeside Oval shows patches of dried mud and puddles.

22. Sculling and rowing

Albert Park Lake is also home to competitive rowing clubs where people with a disability are supported. Ethan Shawcroft hopes to scull for Australia in coming Paralympics.


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