Three Capes Track day 2, TAS

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

Three Capes Track day 2, TAS

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

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2 h 42 m
10.8 km

A wonderful walk from Surveyors to Munro Cabin via Arthurs Peak and some of the stunning coastal cliffs.

Three Capes Track day 2, TAS

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A wonderful walk from Surveyors to Munro Cabin via Arthurs Peak and some of the stunning coastal cliffs.


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The Three Capes Track is an fantastic 4-day walking experience along 48 kilometres of cliff-hugging stunning coastline in Australia.

The Three Capes Track is walked in one direction with a maximum of 48 walkers per day, but people can walk by themselves or in small groups. The track includes the highest coastal cliff tops in Australia that have some shear drops down to the water. There are no fences or barriers so walkers must stay on the paths.

Walkers are required to stay one night in each overnight stop which is a collection on some pretty amazing 4 bunk cabins and shared dining hubs that are equipped with heating, gas cooktops, tables and seating.

The track must be booked in advance booked in advance and costs between $400-$500 for the 4 days.

We have mapped the 4-day walk in stages, click here to see Day 1 , Day 3 or Day 4 or the whole Three Capes Track in one map .

Day 2 walk is one of contrasts. "Revel in the fragrant eucalypt forests, be captivated by the colourful heathlands, and stride across bronzed moorlands. Your short climb to Arthur's Peak gives staggering views across sparkling Crescent Bay and beyond to Cape Raoul. Feel the space around you expand as you descend from the forested slopes of Crescent Mountain to cross the broad, windswept Ellarwey Valley. Retreat to the shelter of the forest to finally wander into your Munro cabin haven".

Note, although the walk is called The Three Capes Track, it really only goes to two Capes (Pillar and Huay) but you get to see Raoul from across the water.

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Points of Interest

1. Sunset

When at Surveyors, it is worth walking about 300m along the track to watch the sunset on clears nights, then comparing it with the view on the next day's walk.

2. Seat of found objects

There are some pretty amazing seats on the walk, and this one made of found objects washed up on a beach is a beauty.

3. Port Arthur

Looking back across the water to Port Arthur.

4. Tiny creek

There was jot a lot of water about when we walked, but here is a little in a nearly dry creek bed.

5. View to Cresent Bay Cape Raoul

Walking up the short climb to Arthur's Peak gives some wonderful views across the water.

6. 'One small patch'

There are some artworks tp be found along the Track, such as this mosaic in the boardwalk

7. View from a seat

There is a big seat atop of a hill upon which a few people can lie down, or take photos of the view.

8. The varying bush

It is quite amazing how much variety there is in the vegetation along the track, you won't be bored.

9. Big old trees

Not long after the Retakunna and Munro junction there is a seat to look up to the trees.

10. Fungi

When we walked in April, there was quite a lot of interesting fungi along the Track.

11. Berries

A mass of colourful berries on one section of the Track.

12. Munro Cabins

Such a welcoming sight after the day's walk. This cabin is the only one with a shower, it's not running water but, a bucket on a rope that was satisfying nonetheless.

13. View from Munro

The view from the deck at Munro is spectacular.


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